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Sprite Drawing (HUD)

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Hi All, I'm relatively new to DirectX, so please excuse any striking stupidity on my part. I'm working on a simple 3D puzzle game with the basic code based largely around the Hazy Mind tutorials (http://www.thehazymind.com/3DEngine.htm). I have the 3D stuff working just fine...the problem is that I want to display some 2D buttons on the screen, sort of like a HUD, I guess. To do that, I'm attempting to use sprites, but can't seem to get them to actually draw on the screen. I have a simple GraphicsSprite class...
	public class GraphicsSprite
		private static readonly Vector3 Center = new Vector3(0,0,0);
		//instance data
		private Vector3 position;
		private float xUpdate = 1.4f;
		private float yUpdate = 1.4f;

		public GraphicsSprite(int posx, int posy)
			position = new Vector3(posx,posy,1);

		public void Draw(Sprite sprite, Texture t, Rectangle r)
And I have these variable set up:
	private Texture spriteTexture = null;
	private Sprite sprite = null;
	private Rectangle textureSize;
	private GraphicsSprite newSprite = new GraphicsSprite(0,0);
I load the texture and such:
	spriteTexture = TextureLoader.FromFile(device, "mainbuttons.png");

	using(Surface s = spriteTexture.GetSurfaceLevel(0))
		SurfaceDescription desc = s.Description;
		textureSize = new Rectangle(0,0,desc.Width,desc.Height);
	sprite = new Sprite(device);
And attempt to draw it just after the 3D scene has been rendered, and before my optional FPS display is shown:

I don't get any errors or anything, but I don't see any sprites, either. Everything else works fine. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Tom

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Correction! It is being drawn, but it's behind the 3D objects...I hadn't noticed that before, but moved the camera around, and there it was. How do I get the sprites to render in front of the 3D stuff? I'm calling it just before my call to device.EndScene() to no avail...


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