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Marble Tactics - Free Game

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Marble Tactics - A Free Complete Game! After several months of waiting around for a certain unnamed publisher to provide me with more details on an electronic publishing possibility, I have decided to release Marble Tactics for free. The object of the game is to make lines of 4 or more marbles in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines. Each time you move a marble a new one is added to the board. The exception to this is when you make a line of 4 or more marbles of the same kind--in this case no new marbles are added to the board. Title screen Game in action Marble Tactics is distributed under a very liberal license--the summary is this: You can copy and distribute the game freely provided you distribute the whole program unmodified and do not charge anything for it. FREE DOWNLOAD! You can download the game for free here <-- clicky Installation instructions: Save the ZIP file to your computer and unzip it. Run the Setup.exe program to install Marble Tactics. Next, use the icon on your desktop or under Start | Programs | Marble Tactics to start the game. Developer's Notes: * Created with an early version of Torque2D/TGB * Uses Phil's AI code resource found on GarageGames * Took approximately 3 months to complete the game * Total budget (not including T2D/TGB license): < $200 * C++ code changes: integrated AI code into engine and made one or two bug fixes to Torque platform (less than 50 lines of new C++ code) * Tools used: Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, Visual Studio, Sound Forge XP Studio, NSIS Sorry, I do not have plans for a Mac or Linux version at this time (the main task involved with porting would be to update the AI code to compile with GCC). I would appreciate any comments, questions, or feedback.

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