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New to C++ ...... C4 Engine question

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I am currently getting a game degree, on the art side of things. My school really has no drive to teach anything about programming, which is a little disheartening to me... I have had moderate experience with different progamming languages, and for the last 3 months have been teaching myself C++, Now I feel it is time to dive in! I have been working on a particular game idea for almost a year now, it is fairly simple... My main goal for this project is to show off my nice fancy "next gen" Designs instead of just creating a level in Unreal 2 (thats all our school offers, besides a simple flash game) SOOO In researching, I am ready to buy the C4 Engine. It will allow me to show off the more sophisticated designs that I've created, and in the spectrum of cheap to high tech, it seems to be the best. Everything I have read says to start simple, and not with your main idea because you will end up making it suck and you won't ever want to look at it again... I know how that goes. I have another much simpler 2D Idea that I would be happy to dive into C++ with.(I could most definatly do this game in flash, but I already know how to do that and the Idea is to learn C++) My question is whether or not I should use C4 for this 2D game (I know its overkill for such a project) So that I am more acustomed to the Engine when it is time to start the real project. I guess im looking for some advise from a C4 user... Would it be a complete waist of time to try and get C4 to make 2D graphics, (even if its a hybrid 2D, 3D enviroment, as long as the Characters are somewhat of a 2d object, all models, model animations and backgrounds are going to be 2D) or should I just look into a different game Engine for that? Thanks ahead of time.

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