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SetDlgText noob question

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I open a dialog box in CE. a)static short text[] = "13232343" SetDlgText(blah, blah, text); And found a couple of boxes on my Juniper output. Bad. b)like this static char text[3]; text[0]=1;text[1]=32; t[2]=0; SetDlgText(blah, blah, text); a couple of boxes. c)ok like this SetDlgText(blah, blah, TEXT("12423"); works. **** My question is: If I want to display a variable, say x, that changes every second, how do i do that using SetDlgText? int x = time(); definitely not like this SetDlgTexdt(blah, blah, TEXT("x"); I know, I know, pretty stupid, but I have spent a long time trying to tweak, any help will be appreciated. THanks!

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Honestly, I'm surprised that code even compiled using CE.

Forget trying to use chars. From my recollection, Win CE uses unicode, which is 2 bytes per character. TCHAR is probably a better approach.

Second thing, think of what the parameters to SetDlgText are.

a)static short text[] = "13232343"

First off, this is going to need to be unicode. Second, you want it to be a string, not a pointer to a short.

b)static char text[3];
text[0]=1;text[1]=32; text[2]=0;

I'm surprised this even prints boxes. Whats the ascii for 1? What about 32? Etc.

With regular character codes, you'll receive something like , with unicode, Ġ, not a number.

You want to cast your integer or whatever into a string. But remember, this is WinCE, so cast it into a TCHAR, not just a regular CHAR (it will allow for more cross platform ability, because on systems that are not unicode, TCHAR will act like a char, on systems that are unicode, it will act like a wchar_t).


With TCHAR, you can use _stprintf to convert the integer to your string.

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