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multi pass rendering problem

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HI i wanted to implement a shadow mapping shader with lighting unfortunately because im using PS_2.0 I hadnt have enough instruction slots(my lighting almost takes it all). now i want to seperate lighting and shadowing in two passes. Is this possible??? if its possile what are PS and VS arguments for the second pass. how should i pass lighting color to the second pass to use it for shadowing??? Is there an alternative solution for my problem???

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yes, it's possible, you shouldn't also change too many things... (i suppose :D )
Here's how i did: i have a shader for per-pixel lighting (bump mapping, specular and other stuff) and another shader that applies the shadowmap on the scene.

In the technique i use the shadowmap functions as first pass, then process the lighting using alpha blending this way:
AlphaBlendEnable = True;
SrcBlend = DESTCOLOR ;
DestBlend = zero;

hope it helps :)

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