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I am getting ready to start learning Python. This will be my first true programming language that I will be learning and I while I have found plenty of material I can read online I would also like to pick up a book or two. Anybody have any recommendations for quality Python learning literature? EDIT After doing some research the I found out that, since 2005, only two books have been released that are aimed at complete novices. I am going to go ahead and pick up From Novice to Professional and if it does get too heavy I might go ahead and pick up Beginning Python. Here is info on the two books: Beginning Python From Novice to Professional (Amazon | 12 Reviews | Average 5) This book covers Python 2.4. I read the "intended audience" section and it looks like a great book with huge potential but the author admits the book may become too difficult and that real world experience may be required before you can continue your lessons. Beginning Python (Amazon | 3 reviews | Average 4.5) This book covers Python 2.3 and has a section in the end that talks about all the new stuff available in 2.4. Book does not describe a target audience. Rather it has an introduction section to programming in general which the author states is all you will need to be ready to jump right into their lessons. Amazon readers talk highly of the book and state it is definitely written for those new to programming in general and takes you up to an Intermediate level of Python knowledge. [Edited by - modmiddy on September 27, 2006 4:41:53 AM]

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