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[C++] strings and short ints...

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For beginners? oh, good. i have a problem with getting the values from a short int type var into a std::string string. i tried the following(+ with static_cast<char>):
short ffps= getFPS(); std::string bla; bla.clear(); bla+= ffps;
but to no avail. thanks.

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In STL there is no coercion support between strings and numbers. Use the std::stringstream:

#include <sstream>
#include <string>

std::stringstream s;
s << getFPS();

// To get the std::string call str() on the std::stringstream
std::cout << s.str();



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operator+= for std::string only accepts characters, C-style strings, or std::strings. If you want to convert an integer to a string, you can use std::stringstream:

std::stringstream convert;
short number = 38;

convert << number;

std::string result = convert.str();

Then you can use result. You can also use stringstreams to convert other other way, if you'd like.

Later on in your career, look into boost::lexical_cast, which provides the same functionality but in a cleaner package. You may not quite be ready for Boost, yet. It can be daunting...

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