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2D array tile map dimensions from isometric map

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Can anyone suggest a formula to find the dimensions ( width and height ) of a 2D array tile map in terms of tiles from an isometric map? The Isometric tiles are typical 2:1 diamonds and the width and height of the isometric maps vary because they are randomly generated. These isometric maps are not 45 degree rotated squares maps, they are rotated rectangles. For example I have the isometric map on the left, but I need to create the 2D array on the right, which turns out to be 3x5. Thanks! ../\............... ./\/\........_____ /\/\/\......|_|_|_| \/\/\/\.....|_|_|_| .\/\/\/\....|_|_|_| ..\/\/\/....|_|_|_| ...\/\/.....|_|_|_| ....\/............. [Edited by - MickeyP on September 27, 2006 5:10:32 PM]

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