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Yarr! Pirates of the Atlantic off the Port Bow!

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Yarr! Pirates of the Atlantic off the Port Bow! September 27th 2006- Kristanix Studios,, is proud to announce their latest PC title, Pirates of the Atlantic. Defend your fortress from piratical invaders with the help of some lead, a cannon, and a lot of gunpowder. Blast pirate scum and keep them off your booty while upgrading the defenses to your keep. Pirates of the Atlantic features an easy to learn action oriented system of defending your fortress from invaders. With upgrades to the defensive cannons range, power, and rate of fire the enemy will have no hope of overcoming a skilled marksman. Collect upgrades in combat to further boost abilities, or end up sleeping with Davey Jones. Embark on the quest to ensure the Pirates of the Atlantic never make it past St. Kites. Battle famed pirates like Admiral Drake and many interesting enemies, from balloons and zepplins to Man-o-Wars. Download the free demo from the Kristanix Studios website at and discover the riches that the Atlantic holds. About Kristanix Studios Kristanix Studios has been making Windows games since 1999. In addition to Pirates of the Atlantic, the company offers WinSudoku, a feature packed sudoku game; Kristanix Yatzy, a game that includes traditional Yatzy plus an innovative version played with six dice; Sudoku Mini 2006, a sudoku game for PocketPC; Jungle Frenzy, an innovative action puzzler; and Word Dance, an original word puzzler. Find out more at their website

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