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Possible Indie Development Model?

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Hi, I have a 3D game I'd like to make from a designer/producer standpoint. I have virtually no programming or art background. I would fund this project out of my pocket and would be willing to spend a good sum. My question for someone with game development experience is - could a game be developed in stages or increments that eventually would add up to a whole? Since I don't have unlimited resources, could I first have the concept art done, then later hire someone to do 3D models, then find a game engine, have someone model a game world, hire a programmer, hire a sound effects person...etc. Does that sound reasonable? Is there any reason it wouldn't work? I realize its better to have teams all working in conjunction towards a final goal, where ideas can be refined and improved upon on the fly, but since I don't have a multi-million dollar budget to do that, I'm trying to come up with other feasible ways to produce a game. Thanks, Daniel

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