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indie browser games?

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can i get some examples of browser mmos people have made? im just cirous to how they look like and how they are. Zaku

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I was working on this mmo 'mafia' style game (Crime Syndicate) but sadly I didn't finish it and the 'graphics' were pretty bad. I wasn't as good a programmer as I am today back then. The game was still fun though and I reached peaks of 25 people online for testing :P

Crime Syndicate

Others in the genre are:

- Ogame
- I can't think of any others... :S

Anyway, those two are browser based in the sense that they just use html for output. If you were looking for java applets etc. you'd already be in a more advanced category like RuneScape.

A pretty good resource for loads of text-based, browser-based, 2D and 3D online RPGs is OnRPG. You can view long lists of existing 'online' games, some of which are played massively :P

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