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OpenGL Need help with light calculation - I'm too stupid :(

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I am trying to emulate OpenGL hardware vertex lighting in C. This is my code:
//lightColor holds the RGB light color
lightColor = <RGB light color>;
//lightPos holds the light pos in eye space (translated & rotated)
lightPos = <xyz light position>;
//vertNorm holds the vertex normal in eye space (rotated)
vertNorm = <xyz vertex normal>;
NdotL = Dot (vertNorm, Normalize (lightPos));
if (NdotL < 0.0)
	NdotL = 0.0;
// matAmbient, matDiffuse are ambient and diffuse material colors
vertColor = lightColor * (matDiffuse * NdotL + matAmbient);

Depending on where the viewer faces, there is no light, or the light at wrong positions. Looks like I am just too dang stupid to figure the bloody 3D math needed for this. Oh yeah, the application does its own translation and rotation, the OpenGL matrices are all set to identity. Where did I go wrong please? How does the correct code have to look like?

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