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help me modify a lighting

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I wanna make a point lighting effect as follows: /*********** vertex shader ******/ OUT.WorldNormal = mul(IN.Normal, WorldIT).xyz; half4 Po = half4(,1); half3 Pw = mul(Po, World).xyz; OUT.LightVec0 = normalize(light0_Position - Pw); OUT.TexCoord = IN.UV; OUT.WorldView = normalize(ViewI[3].xyz - Pw); OUT.HPosition = mul(Po, WorldViewProj); /********* pixel shader ********/ half3 Nn = normalize(IN.WorldNormal); Hn = normalize(IN.WorldView + IN.LightVec0); hdn = pow(max(0,dot(Hn,Nn)),specPower); ldn = dot(IN.LightVec0,Nn); diffuseColor = ldn * light0_Diffuse; specularColor = (ldn * hdn) * light0_Specular; half3 map = tex2D(ColorSampler,IN.TexCoord.xy).xyz; half3 result = (Ambient + diffuseColor) * map + specularColor; return half4(result,1); /********* shader eof ********/ This's a nice lighting, But the lighting has 2 problems. 1. When I moving it to close to object the lighting is attenuated. When I moving it to far away the lighting is intensified. It's seem not a real world lighting. 2. The lighting has not a radius, I want that when object out of lighting radius only to do ambient shader as a real world lighting. Anyone know where could find some real world lighting tutorials for HLSL? Thank!

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