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New game concept on the horizon? I hope so

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Has anyone heard the rumour that A1 Grand Prix will be releasing an online racing game that will allow you to race in real-time against the actual Grand Prix racers, then compare your time against other online racers in a worldwide league? I've been thinking about how A1 Grand Prix could be allowing real-time racing against real cars in a real Grand Prix. The only thing I can think of is that they must have some sort of GPS tracker on each real car in each real Grand Prix race, and their position during the race is transmitted over the internet to your console. That way your console will know the position of each real car on your virtual console track, and so you can race them. I'm guessing that the worldwide league is a database that contains the final race times of all the online gamers who were racing the same race, so you can compare against others. Cool - race real drivers and virtual drivers... I wonder if there is a prize for the winner? Imagine if the game had the graphics and dynamics of the new F1 game demoed for the PS3, then imagine that you can actually race Michael Schumacher in realtime... What do you reckon? There must be lots of other applications that the concept could be applied to? Do you think this is possible?

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