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compiler problems

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Wow, that's your fourth topic in a short amount of time already :S

But yeah, Visual C++ is pretty good. You can download an express edition from Microsoft. If you are aiming to develop mostly for windows Visual C++ is a good choice. You won't have many things to set-up after installation to get things working

edit: I forgot to say, Dev-C++ has a good compiler as well. It may be the editor that you don't like - the compiler, however, is fine ;)

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That depends on what you mean by compiler, and what you mean by good. Seriously.

By "compiler", do you mean "IDE"? Dev-C++ is one of several IDEs designed to use the MinGW compiler. I don't like Dev-C++ as an IDE very much either; I use Visual Studio and Code::Blocks.

Or do you mean that you have trouble overcoming the errors that the compiler gives you when you try to compile programs you've written? This happens to all of us, even the best of us, but there are a lot of good practices and techniques out there for programming. A good reference book will help you out of many situations, and Google and the good folks here at GameDev make good backup.

Do you have issues with the actual design of the MinGW compiler? It's a Windows port of GCC, the GNU compiler collection that is used on nearly every Linux OS distribution available (as well as many other OSes), but you might find Microsoft's, Watcom's, Intel's, or Digital Mars' to be friendlier.

It's all a matter of what you need, and what you want.

JohnE / Twilight Dragon

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i'm sorry if you get two copies of this, but i see my reply has not been posted.
i have been working on TC++ all along. i really am having problems adjusting to compilers like mingW. i find it tough to work without getch() and gotoxy() and many other functions.
i spent a lot of time working out bioskey() and other functions. Now, i need to reframe everything.
also the errors signalled by the IDE are rather incomprehensible. when i include a certain header, some other header is not recognized by the compiler.
i really am at a fix. i want a compiler that's modern, compatible for windows and is capable of supporting OpenGL and other graphic libraries. i wouldn't mind the compiler rather inheriting TC++ properties..
please direct me.

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