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[.net] Secure Encryption SDK/Tutorial?

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Hi, Any of you guys know of any encryption sdks/libs for compatible with Visual C# 2005? If not, or even if so if the tut's good, any tutorials either that explain the technique with code examples?

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There are loads of classes in System.Security.Cryptography.

These are what you are looking for. However, no tutorial will help you unless you know exactly what each is doing, and how it becomes secure. A tutorial with 'now paste this code here' is useless.

It also depends entirely on what you want to do.

If you want flat out encryption, locking down data, then ideally you want to look into RSA crypto (asymmetric key encryption). However raw RSA is inappropriate, as it produces very large files. So you might want to use RSA to encrypt a symmetric key that is used to encrypt the rest of the file using Rijndael or DES (for example).

If you only want to sign some data (to validate it), then RSA is your tool again.

Look up asymmetric encryption / symmetric encryption for a start. These should give you a good starting point to plan how you implement your digital security.

Just remember digital security is *really hard*, and it's very easy to make a mistake that leaves it wide open and insecure.
Unfortunately, the only way to learn about it is to study up on the tools available. It will take a while.

Managing your crypto keys is also very important too. You could have the best security in the world, but make a mistake with your keys, and it's all useless.

Not to mention data protection in the event someone decompiles your code....

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