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Quaternion rotation and -1.#ind

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Hello, im rotating an object using quartionions and then converting back to angle axis. A prooblem arises when the object makes any full rotation on one axis it disapears for a frame and then comes back. So i traced scale when this disapearing occurs it has the value -1.#ind. I know this is the problem but i dont kow what this means or how to fix it. Thanks for nay help. here is my code
 float  scale = sqrt(1 - ( qm.mData[3] * qm.mData[3] ) );     //quaternion to axis to angle converion
      if (scale == 0 )
      scale = 1;
     cout <<"scale = " << scale <<endl;
   	   x  = (qm.mData[0] / scale);
       y  = ( qm.mData[1] / scale);
       z  =  (qm.mData[2] / scale);                         //quaternion to axis to angle converion

      float angleq; 
	  angleq = acos( qm.mData[3] ) * 2.0f;                 //quaternion to axis to angle converion
      angleq = gmtl::Math::rad2Deg(angleq);

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Well, run through it in the debugger and see where the value's coming from. My money's on you trying to find the square root of a negative number.

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