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Legacy of the Zodiac EX

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Hello, the name's Scythe. I'm here to tell you all about my 2D MMORPG, named Legacy of the Zodiac EX or LoZ EX for short or just LoZ. This version of LoZ, LoZ EX started back in March of 2006 a few months ago. We've been working on it ever since than and still are adding more areas to explore etc. We have hundreds and hundreds of maps and tons of areas for you to explore. You can do things in LoZ such as do quests for new items, fight other players, join a guild, wage war on another guild and other things. In the future we will hold Castle Sieges. Below I'll put some information about the game and a link to the LoZ Homepage. This is the staff list of LoZ EX which I will update when needed. Head Administrator/Owner/Creator - Scythe Administrator(s): Yukimura GM(s): DarkDragoon Developer(s): Truth Server Host: DarkDragoon Mapper(s): Amnesia Moderator(s): Velkan, Suraieru, Digital, lethal hunter, Cyrus. Towns/Areas Released Haven Harbor/Warf - Complete Haven(Town) - Complete. Haven Outskirts/Haven Shore - Complete unless more is added. LoZ(Ocean) - Complete until we need more maps of the ocean. Crescent Mountain - Complete. Crescent Cave - Complete. Haven Sewers - Complete. City of Nara - Complete. Outskirts of Nara - Complete unless we need to add more. Nara Swamps - Complete. Nara Mines - Completed, we may add more maps. Nara Caverns - Completed more maps may be added. Kenshi Village - Complete. Ryoko - Completed, more is being added to the back end. Ryushin Mountains - Complete. Shinjoku - Complete. The East - Lots of it is made but Aoishi is still working on it. Sub Zero IceField - Part before Sub Zero complete. Sub Zero (Town) - Outsides done. Sub Zero (Town Insides) - Most are done, others aren't needed yet. Zhu Jin (Southern Continent) - Finished except for the Highlands Village, a few high level quests are done here or parts of them are done here. The West - This is the area in between Ryoko and Kenshi, Im still working hard on it, it isn't fully finished yet. Granemor Mountains - 1/4 of the Mountain is complete. Granemor Valley - The Southern Valley is complete. City of Holy Light - Complete. Alkanor - A city I've been working on lately, part of the Aegis Shield Quest will be here, the city is large and has beautiful waterfalls and water running throughout it. This list does not contain all the areas explore to find more =). Equipment Released. Some can be bought in stores some are quests and some you just have to collect some items. Weapons Released With Strength Required. Wooden Staff - 1 Rusty Sword - 3 Steel Blade - 8 Iron Lance - 12 Jeweled Dagger - 20 Estoc - 30 Crimson Knuckles - 35 Bone Crusher - 50 Aurora Bane - 70 Sufferthorn - 83 Autaba Mace - 95 Savior of Haven - 100 Khukuri - 130 Ashbringer - 135 Iron Ram - 155 Masamune - 160 Sapphire Edge - 180 Kora - 225 Ropalon - 250 Northern Star - 275 Styx - 300 Armors Released With Defense Required. Cloth Robe - 1 Silk Shirt - 3 Leather Garb - 5 Rusty Bronze Armor - 7 Bronze Armor - 10 Rusty Plate Mail - 15 Plate Mail - 21 Valkyrie Mail - 27 Temple Robes - 35 Iron Armor - 47 Genji Armor - 56 Galmia Gear - 67 Cuirass - 80 Brigadine Armor - 92 Shijin Plate - 108 Gaia Gear - 117 Opal Armor - 130 Ashura Armor - 142 Peytral - 161 Phaeton's Breastplate - 182 Aegis - 200 Divine Plate - 250 Helms Released With Speed Requirement. Cache - 2 Hachimaki - 6 Circlet - 16 Emperor Crown - 30 Ancient's Helm - 50 Federation Hachimaki - 58 Shade Tiara - 76 Zunari Kabuto - 100 Haciman Jinpachi - 125 Wyrm Mask - 175 Shields Released. Wooden Shield Adds 3 Defense. Bronze Shield Adds 10 Defense. Mithril Shield Adds 30 Defense. Ring of Power Adds 55 Defense. Shield of Valour Adds 70 Defense. Accessories Released. Bracer Pegasus Bracer Simple Armband Wind Armlet Earth Bangle Fire Band Murky Stone Swamp Dagger Warrior's Ring Mage's Cloak Holy Pendant Wolf Mask Dragoon Wing Wakizashi Elven Cloak Daishi's Bracer Book of Arts Thief's Ring Titan Armband Hero's Cape These are the Guilds of LoZ EX Currently. Brotherhood of Shadows Tag: *BoS* Lead by Lethal Hunter Hands of Death Tag: HoD Lead by Shin Akuma and Seraph. SIN Tag: SIN Lead by Taron Army of Nerevar Tag: -AoN- Lead by Takeda Well I'd put some screenshots right on this post but I can't use HTML @_@. So to view a few screenshots go here: http://www.legacyofthezodiac.net/modules.php?name=Content&pa=list_pages_categories&cid=8 The official website of LoZ EX is www.legacyofthezodiac.net You can join the forums which are on the websites by click on Forums under modules. To download the LoZ EX client Go to Downloads on the Main Menu. Choose LoZ EX Clients and Click on LoZ EX 1.5 Beta Client and it will download. If you have any questions you may contact me through... E-Mail: stephenj2@comcast.net AIM: Dynasty8307 MSN: darkdragoonnexus@hotmail.com I hope you enjoy LoZ EX all comments are welcome, see you in game if you try it =). -Scythe

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