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Brash Benson

[web] Flash: removeMovieClip() not working

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So I'm just fiddling around with Flash, trying to make something similar to the starfield and flying windows screensavers, and what I have right now does the trick, except for one thing. Once my objects get to a certain size, I want to remove them so the screen doesn't get cluttered. Here's my code:
ballDepth = 9999999;
ballID = 1;

createEmptyMovieClip("balls", 1);

ballObj = new Object();
ballObj.onEnterFrame = ballEnterFrame;
ballObj._x = 250;
ballObj._y = 250;
ballObj._xscale = 1;
ballObj._yscale = 1;

function ballSpawn() {
	ballObj.X = getRandom(-10, 10);
    ballObj.Y = getRandom(-10, 10);
	ballObj.myScale = getRandom(1, 5);
	attachMovie("ball", "ball"+ballID++, ballDepth--, ballObj);

function ballEnterFrame() {
	this._x += this.X;
	this._y += this.Y;
	this._xscale += this.myScale;
	this._yscale += this.myScale;
	if(this._xscale > 300)

function getRandom(min, max) {
	return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1) + min);

setInterval(ballSpawn, 20);

For some reason, my "this.removeMovieClip();" in my ballEnterFrame function doesn't remove the clip! Nothing I've tried works, so I'm kinda stuck. Can anyone help?

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