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Java input

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I am using JCreator to write a very simply console-based Java program. Whereas System.out.println() is used to write to the ostream (Java's rendition of 'cout'), what can I use to read in from the istream (the equivalent of 'cin')? Basically, I have a String object that I want to read in from user input; then I want to manipulate user-inputted String.
String str;

// Code that allows users to read into variable 'str' from keyboard.

if(str.equals() == "Hello, Java String Input!")
    System.out.println("Unicorn kisses.");

thanks, hisDudeness

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(some prefer
I use...
BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader( ;


If you don't have the java docs on your machine, check out: Java Docs

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