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Web-based game needs ideas.

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Alrighty, I have this idea, or rather, it's an inspiration. It's from a certain game in particular but I think it's different enough not to be a copy. 10 points to anyone who can guess the game with the description of my own. Anyway. On to the game. After lying in bed, I had this idea. A game of world domination that can be played on a browser. This isn't your normal risk game either. And to be honest, you never really dominate the world. The process between how one achieves world domination is what this game is about. Still too vague? Sorry, I've only slept for 4 hours... Imagine a world map. A little less detailed than a risk screen. There are multiple countries but much of them have been lumped together. So as a possible number of total playable territories, north and south america would take up just 6 instead of the 16 or so from risk. Now Imagine your own mini army. The basic unit isn't all that great. But it's the workforce of your army AND they also can be trained and turned into more advanced units. Each of the units have weaknesses and abilities which I won't go into now, it's not important. So to perform task A, you'd want several units of type 1, maybe even with the help of type 3.... Now Imagine that you send your units (not all of them) out into the world to steal money or commit serious acts of crime. But the risk is that the authorities of the government you're acting against may catch and kill your minions. One of the expendible risks of being the leader. Now the more acts of crime you commit, and the more evil the crime, the more "popular" you get. You can now have a bigger army the more notorious you get which is what attracts your units to your cause. This is going to be a turned based game that happens only looking at this world map, you can also build bases but it will be restricted to just a couple of settings that describe your base. i.e. # of traps, # of guards, degree of complexity (causes agents and justice dogooders to either get lost or at least not find your major base), types of said 3, maybe a bit more but again, it's not a base building game, the majority of the game is looking at the world map. THis is also where my idea and the source of my inspiration depart. My game is going to be multiplayer, the first idea will be unlimited in player count as it's easier to do. After the first part, I may then open up faster playing games which could be restricted to several players per game, but for now, I'm goign to focus on the larger game. The reason for the large player base is that it's a slow game. One of those online games you check once every few hours or so and update a few things to leave for another few hours. I'm humming and hawing about the pace of the game, but I also want the game be safe (nobody has to really worry about the game while their sleeping). The other major difference is that the inspiration's focus was a sandbox base builder. This game removed that completely to focus on the multiplayer aspect. WIth the multiplayer part, which is where i need help on this, players will be competing for world domination. As one gets more notorious, the more of a target they become. Players can plant evidence etc against other players in the hopes that they get some unwanted attention. Screw it, the game I've got this inspiration from is Evil Genius. It's a sandbox game where you make money with the world domination screen. It didn't have multiplayer but this is where my game comes in. While it uses much of the same types of units (worker ... the base unit) to guard, mercenary, martial artist, to technician, scientist to physics dood, it differs in that it DOES have multiplayer. ------------ Sending units to say Cuba to steal money is one ability, another is to send them to plot or scheme; this discovers acts of infamy that can be done... effectively raising your notoriety, increasing your unit limit, and becoming a bigger target for the authorities and other players. Sometimes acts of infamy (aoi) can help you get nice items which will be the envy of others. Or it can give you a nice boost of cash. Another big ability is to commit these acts, they have a requirement for an x number of type y units. Each act requires certain types of various units. They then go to do these acts which will also probably incure some losses on the player's side, but these are to be expected. Now my game doesn't just stop there. As one rises in notoriety, I want the players to become aware of other top players or rather, the other top players become aware of them. There can be no sharing of evil genius'. Each act of infamy can only be done by one group while stealing is split by all the groups stealing in that territory (maybe this may not be friendly to new players). What I need help with is: 1. How committing these evil acts should conflict with each other (if they do at all). Having conflicts forces the player to "deal with" other players while having no conflicts allows the player to ignore others. I also want new players to not have such a hard time making money or committing easy acts of infamy so I think I need some sort of balance. 2. What can be done directly to other players?: - a. should attacks be allowed directly to others, as in sending units to attack the base of another? - b. should indirect attacks be performed? i.e. setting up false info to have the authorities send agents to said enemy rival? - c. some sort of other type of attack. 3. The pace of the game. How fast should things take place, I have an idea, but I also want the players not to worry when they go to sleep, even though the world still goes on. Other players can still be playing. 4. Should I look into some sort of automation to allow for queued actions? Letting players steal a bit from country A, then return after x amount of time if they haven't been captured already. 5. Any other suggestions? Remember that this is going to be all web based.

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