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Sounds like you just need to link to winmm.lib and msimg32.lib. If you need help doing that, tell us what compiler and IDE you're using.

I have probably made an idiot of myself here but I am desperate and I'm too depleted of coke to gather the energy to open another browser window and enter a whole search string .

If you used Firefox you wouldn't have that problem! :)

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Well, if you can't find them, then it's unlikely that C::B will be able to find them. However, the link to them has already been given, download that, install it, then link to the libraries (I guess you *could* link first, but it wouldn't compile until you got the libraries).

To link to a library in C::B, go to Project->Build Options->Linker. Then either browse to them from the Add button of "Link Libraries", or type "-lmsimg32" and '-lwinmm" (on seperate lines) into "Other Linker Options".

Also, make sure that the libraries directories have been added to Build->Compiler Settings->Directories->Linker.

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