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[Solved] Shader compilations fails with D3DXSHADER_NO_PRESHADER

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Hello, the title pretty much says it all: All calls to D3DXCompileShader() fail when I add the flag D3DXSHADER_NO_PRESHADER. The error buffer is empty, the debug output is empty, even with the Warning Level at maximum and Maximum Validation enabled. The error code is D3DERR_INVALIDCALL. As soon as I remove the flag, all shaders compile fine. What am I doing wrong here? System: WinXP SP2, August2006 SDK, NVidia Geforce 7800GT. I encountered this behaviour since the first 2004 SDK and have been able to reproduce it with some SDK versions inbetween. I googled for it but apparently I'm the only one with this error. Some other people seem to use this flag without problems. Any hint appreciated. [edit] Solved. Apparently naked Shaders without a effect framework around them don't have PreShaders. So any call to D3DXCompileShader() with the PRESHADER flag is turned down. Some hint in the error message buffer would have been nice, though. Bye, Thomas [Edited by - Schrompf on October 2, 2006 3:29:45 AM]

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