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Animation in Ps2

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Hello all, bear with me here, I am new in the forums :) I have succesfully implemented an ms3d file loader that loads ms3d model within my ps2 ( the ms3d loader code is based in that of Evan Pipho's in the book Focus on 3D models ). Now, my problem is that the ms3d model runs a full sequence of series of animations as it is loaded, and i want to assign each single animation to a key input, for example, pressing x button the character will do run animation from idle animation. I have been looking in multianimation samples in the net but have no luck. If any one has any relevant experienceon this, i would appriciate the helping hand. Or any relevan links or tutorials that might be helpful (either for ps2 progrmmin or model animation) would suit me fine too. Thanks in advanced D --

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