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initialize arrays in classes

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Hi all gurus out there. I have a question about haw to initialize arrays in classes. I did not find any old treads with this question. Ex, what I want! Class x { public: x() : m_arrayX({1,2,3,4}), m_arrayY({5,6,7,8}) {} private: int m_arrayX[]; int m_arrayY[4] }; hope you se what I want. A other idée is to make it to pointer and use m_arrayX[] = new int[] = {1,2,3,4}; But I what to try to not use the “new” commando. As it is now in my code. .H int m_arrayX[]; .CPP m_arrayX[0] = 1; m_arrayX[1] = 0; m_arrayX[2] = 0; m_arrayX[3] = 4; thanks all out there!

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