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[Win32 C++] Close Button [SOLVED]

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Thank you for CS_NOCLOSE idea.

One another way is manipulating WM_CLOSE Windows message.
When user clicks close button WM_CLOSE is sent to queue. DefWindowProc() gets WM_CLOSE and sends WM_DESTROY. In most program code, the program getting WM_DESTROY calls PostQuitMessage() API function. This function causes WM_QUIT to be sent into message queue. GetMessage() function geting WM_QUIT returns zero and exits the loop below :

//const DWORD WM_QUIT 0;
while (GetMessage(&Msg, NULL, 0, 0) > 0)

But if you prevent DefWindowProc() getting WM_CLOSE, non of the above happens. You can add your own code and hide the window.

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