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Need help *Lua* function tag problem.

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Hi, I just finished integrate lua with my engine. And it work fine, no problem using function tag & other OOP stuff. But until I added a call to luaL_dofile() for loading main game script in my main game loop. All my lua OOP ability is gone. Before :> g ="ActionSetName") :> g:GetName() :> ActionSetName After(call luaL_dofile() in main game loop) :> g ="ActionSetName") :> g:GetName() :> [string"?"]: attemp to call method 'GetName'(a nil value) If I disable the luaL_dofile() line everything is back to normal. I register all userdata in LUA_REGISTRYINDEX since I had a hard time resgister it to LUA_ENVIRONINDEX. My program terminate after try to register userdata to LUA_ENVIRONINDEX. Appreciate any advices. :) Thanks in advance.

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