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[PAID/UNPAID] Custom Sprites for WIP Fighting Game

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Hey all, I’m actually looking for some really good spriters that can do the character sprites (animated) for a fighting game I’m in the process of creating. I’m looking for someone who has the ability to produce smooth animated, clean sprites such as or equal to the ones shown below: http://www.gsarchives.net/neogeo/last_blade_2/sprites/animated/Kaede_breathe.gif http://www.gsarchives.net/arcade/marvel_vs_capcom/sprites/animated/playable/Ryu_breathe.gif Also, you’ll have to do the individual attacks and special attacks for the characters; you know, all the movements necessary for a Marvel vs. Capcom style game. As far as how many characters I need done, as it stands there is no official number and depending on how this project goes, there may never be. So how does development work for the characters? One character at a time. I’ll go into detail about this if you’re interested and qualify for the job. To expand a bit more about this project, it’s being created by an independent as an addition to comics being produced and written by me, and drawn by my artist. It is a long term goal / project that will place a heavy importance on your part. As it stands it’s a brand new project that just recently is starting to get into motion so nothing is fully in stone at the moment. We’re in the process of working on the character concept art for the main character for the first comic. When she’s done however, I’d like to just have her fight stance animation done so I can call you when we’re further along and use it as part of a model for presentation purposes. Currently we don’t have a website, but as soon as we have a lot of the concept art done, then I’ll be starting that. As far as to what I’ve done in the past, I’ve worked on a game as a hobbyist programmer a long time ago, but I ended it because too much pressure was being put on me (besides programming). Now I have a bit more freedom and am considering people to help me out. Plus it’s my idea. The old project was based on a classic genesis game, Streets of Rage. You can find remnants of this project and some of my graphic work here: http://www.xtreemmak.deviantart.com . Now as far as other things go, depending on your services and rates, I’m willing to pay. Be that it may please be advised that I don’t have deep heavy pockets so I am running on bit of a tight budget. Really what I’m shooting for is something like either: http://ic3.deviantart.com/fs12/i/2006/275/b/a/Gift_Cat_by_baby_marshmallow.jpg $2-5 per frame with complexity being the determining factor in the scales. Or $12-20 per animation sequence with complexity being the determining factor in the scales. With this in mind, this would help me manage the project so I’m not paying like $20 or $5 (depending on the direction you choose), for a 3 frame hit animation. Of course, I’ll also accept free services if you want to do this just for fun or to help out. Below is a sample art of what would need to be transcoded into sprite based animation form based on my artist’s style in drawing: Last and final thing is contact. You can either leave me messages here by PM or reply, or if you want me to get your message faster, send me an E-mail (I’m online everyday) to: Primary: HUFO_2000@yahoo.com Secondary: XTREEMMAK@hotmail.com Or if you’re able to catch me, on either one of those Instant messenger programs. The SN is the same as the E-mail address. Leave at least if all possible a post saying that you’re going to contact me so I don’t accidentally send your mail to the Trash bin. With that said, I hope that someone here will be able to assist me in this huge project. Yes it will take some time (maybe even years), but with your help, we’ll be able to output a very fun production. Hope to hear from you soon : ) ~Str8-

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