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3 Questions clr arrays n stuff..

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Im trying to create a link list with no globals. How do you NULL in .net? Arrays with structs type, How? A good c++ .net 2005 book(currently i have deitel 2003 most of the code is oppsolete)?
ref struct Vehicle{
     // use to move along the link list
	Vehicle ^next;
	Vehicle ^current;
    // data entry
	int ^VIN;
	String ^Model;

// how do you NULL in .net 
// pretty sure "next" needs to be nulled or point somewhere.

Vehicle ^Foreign;
	Foreign = gcnew Vehicle;
	Foreign->Tech = gcnew TechInfo;

// arrays that work for me
int *c[10] = {0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0};
array<String^>^ sentence = {"stuff"};

// using struct this does not work
array<Vehicle^>^ junk = { "0","0"};

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NULL is either null in c# or nullptr in C++/CLI.
CLI Arrays with non-CLI structs is not possible (can't mix managed and unmanaged). Use a value class /struct in C++/CLI:

value class Name
// members

value struct Name
// members

array <Name> ^name = gcnew array <Name> (array_size);

Don't know about any books, I've used the MSDN.


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