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C# gathering position and normal data only from .X file

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Hello everyone, Just wanted to post some code regarding gathering only the position and normal data from an .X file becuase this is a question I had here, but figured out how to do this. I originally thought I was going to need to write my own .X parser specificaly for this job, but turns out its not needed. I'm using C# with MDX 1.1 So I basically load up an .X file as a mesh object and then gather the data I need from that mesh object. I still need to refactor the code a little bit, but it does what i need it to.

// Get the base mesh position & normal information
        private CustomVertex.PositionNormal[] meshVertices;

        // Position holder
        private float[] x;
        private float[] y;
        private float[] z;

        // Normals holder
        private float[] nx;
        private float[] ny;
        private float[] nz;

private void CopyData()
            int[] numberVertices = new int[1];
            numberVertices[0] = mesh.NumberVertices;
            Array getPoints;
            CustomVertex.PositionNormal pointMover = new CustomVertex.PositionNormal();

            meshVertices = new CustomVertex.PositionNormal[mesh.NumberVertices];
            x = new float[mesh.NumberVertices];
            y = new float[mesh.NumberVertices];
            z = new float[mesh.NumberVertices];

            nx = new float[mesh.NumberVertices];
            ny = new float[mesh.NumberVertices];
            nz = new float[mesh.NumberVertices];

            getPoints = mesh.LockVertexBuffer(pointMover.GetType(), LockFlags.None, numberVertices);

            for (int i = 0; i < mesh.NumberVertices; i++)
                pointMover = (CustomVertex.PositionNormal)getPoints.GetValue(i);

                meshVertices[i].Normal = pointMover.Normal;
                meshVertices[i].Position = pointMover.Position;

                x.SetValue(meshVertices[i].Position.X, i);
                y.SetValue(meshVertices[i].Position.Y, i);
                z.SetValue(meshVertices[i].Position.Z, i);

                nx.SetValue(meshVertices[i].Normal.X, i);
                ny.SetValue(meshVertices[i].Normal.Y, i);
                nz.SetValue(meshVertices[i].Normal.Z, i);


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