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Long delayed update

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Hello all, It has been quite a while since I updated you all on the progress of my game, Project Phoenix ( in the products section), so here I go. A few months ago, I began to overhaul the movement system. I successfully expanded the map so that you can now fly all around the screen and also move across a map which is more than a screen in size (the map scrolls). I also rewrote the AI to deal with this. However, doing this has unearthed some really serious problems with relational placement of explosions, as well as collision detection. I have been working on solutions to these problems when I can get around to it (I'm in my first year of college, so I don't get too much time). Shortly, I am probably going to re-write the Enemy handler system with classes... finally replacing my old shoe-horned rigged up structure based system. However, In order to finish repairing the system I could really use some programming help. That is, I need someone who can take on a share of the programming tasks. Whoever decides to help will be credited in-game, and will receive 20% of all proceeds from sales of the game once it is completed (if it is indeed sale-worthy). Anyone who is willing to help should either PM me here or email me at saying so. Requirements are as follows: 1) Strong C/C++ programming abilities; 2) Willingness to use Dev-C++; 3) Enough time to get something done; and 4) Trustworthyness (ie: no stealing my code for personal use -although I know my code isn't exactly good enough to steal [grin]).

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