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Ok, a few of you may remember awhile back I posted a message asking which book to buy to learn C++, ok, I bought the book-C++ Without Fear, along with other various resources, so now I'm pretty well versed in C++ Programing, now I want to start game programing. My question is, what is a good book, I've read the threads, and various posts concerning this topic so I've narrowed it down to these two: Which one would you recommend? PS, any recommendations would be appreciated, but, based on reviews from, and from here, I thought those would be pretty good [Edited by - DSB14 on October 4, 2006 4:04:13 PM]

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How well is "well versed"?

Which of the following tasks could you do:
1> Print "Hello world".
2> Pop up a message box that says "Hello World".
3> Ask the user to pick a number from 1 to 3, then prints out the number in english.
4> Do the same as #3, but in a GUI.
5> Take a file, and do a rot13 "encryption" on it, outputting to a different file.
6> Multiply together two 1,000 diget integers (note: int isn't large enough for this).
7> Given the position of 50 mirrors in a room, determine if a lazer pointer in the room hits a target.
8> Build a cache of file image data. The cache should accept plug-in loaders, a thread that empties the cache when it gets too full, a means to not leak excess image data, and if two clients are both using the same image on disk at the same time they should have a pointer to the same memory.

Just trying to benchmark what you mean. :)

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