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Best books for the job?

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I do not know a good training book...but for your REFERENCE...this is the book:

C++ The Complete Reference - 3rd Edition - By Herbert Shildt

also...an adition reference that is necessary for the small nooks and crannies...

The C++ Language - newest edition? - Bjarne Stroustroup

... for using Borland C++ Builder 4 (BUT NOT FOR LEARNING C++) DO get a book specifically for it.

The Dummies book might be a good programming teacher...but it is a terrable to LOOK UP things when you need them....perhaps you'd do better looking for a book used to teach C++ in college for the training book. Especially a book on Data Structures, or Object Oriented Programming using C++ ...

make sure you do NOT try to learn basic concepts AND GUI/Windows programming together...it's ok to mix...say learn a C++ idea...then add it to windows code...but when you learn a new C++ AND a new Windows feature together...it's hard to debug/decouple them. I would make sure you can do the following using a CONSOLE (DOS box) app before trying windows:
1. Use all basic data types: char, int, etc.
2. Console (text) I/O.
3. Write and use classes.
4. Use pointers and dynamic memory.
5. Simple File I/O.
6. Good basic data structures - lists, trees, etc.
7. Use polymorphism (class hierarchies).
8. the STL string, list, and vector class.

Sorry if I overdid it...but I couldn't tell if you were new to C++, new to programming, new to games, etc????

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I want to get some programming books for C++ and I'm not sure which ones are the best. These are the four that i think will help me the most, any thoughts?

*3D Game Programming in C++*
*C++ for Dummies 3rd edition*
*Borland C++ Builder 4 Unleashed*
*The C++ Graphics Programming Handbook; w/CDROM*

Basicly, i know close to nothing about programming. I currently own borlands turbo c++ and C++ builder 4 is on the way. I want to get C++ for dummies and work my way up. Are these books going to be helpful? Thanks

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Xai: I own C++ for Dummies and its one of the best books on learning C++ that I've found. It does give a very thorough review on standard C and C++ features, and it teaches you how to use all of the basic things you just listed. It really shines in the area of learning OOP.

But I definitely agree about the reference book idea - you'll want to get one of those 900+ page-books that can answer just about any question you can think up They're great when you need to know a quick fact here and there - especially when you're deciding how to implement things.

DoubleDose: You'll really want to get several books on C++. My advice is to avoid any "C++ books" that teach MFC. They're a real waste of time if you're just trying to learn the language. And avoid getting a book that teaches C++ using DOS stuff - unless of course you want to make DOS games.

(Note: there is also More C++ for Dummies, but I haven't looked at it yet. It's supposed to teach all the more advanced stuff (i.e. memory management, common optimizations, very complex classes).)

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