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[web] How to make a forum?

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How can I make a forum if I need to? Is there a program to build forums? Or code templates to include in a web site? Or should I just find some "forum providers" and simply make a link to the space they provide? I would, ofcourse, prefer the cheapest way [smile]...

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You can download forum software such as phpBB, YaBB, etc. for free and install it on your host. You can also buy some other forum systems like Invision or vBulletin and install them on your host. Your host might even offer a one-click install of a forum.

I think you should prefer a premade board since a lot of hard work has gone into these products.

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I do not honestly know anything about you, if you are not a good programmer and have something specific in mind, do it yourself, you can code a basic forum in less than 5 mins (if have a fast pc!)

new database,

message (long), ID (key/num), postby (char[25]), belongto(num)

then a asp page (i dont know php)

simple form,


This will post in to message and postby, and create a new ID.

a new list page, that displays every ID where belongto = null.

a view page, when click on a message id, it will foward you to a new page, this new page will list every entry where belong to = ID of the parent message. have a link to a reply page.

A reply page, this will enter the same as the first entry, only fill belongto with the parent ID.

There we go, a basic forum in 4 or 5 pages and 1 database :)

forums can get a lot more complicated, but it depends what you want to do. This is a example of one that can be built from and done in 5 mins. You can add alot more to it.

If you are not very good at programming and do not understand many concepts, just go with phpbb or one of the other ones, they are honestly... alright, never a perfect solotion, but for free, they do their job.

That was fun to type!

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