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[java] XPath and XSLT, result to NodeList

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Hi I have a XML file: <Scores> <Score> <S1>10</S1> <S2>20</S2> <S3>15</S3> </Score> <Score> ... </Score> ... </Scores> I now use XPath to select "Score" nodes. XPath xpath = XPathFactory.newInstance().newXPath(); XPathExpression expression = xpath.compile("//Scores/Score"); NodeList list = (NodeList) expression.evaluate(document, XPathConstants.NODESET); Now, I want to apply XSLT on this NodeList (list) to have "S1", "S2" & "S3" sorted like: S1, asc S2, asc S3, desc (I don't have any problem constructing the XSLT) Why do I want to use XSLT then? Because, I want to iterate through the NodeList and print the scores out (best first), without first having to do the sorting manually. Having this NodeList, I want to edit "Result" nodes. (Maximum number of "Score" tags in "Scores" are 3. When a new result is to be inserted, the last entry in the NodeList should be replace with the values of the new score.) Does anyone now how to do this? Btw, is it possible to store the XSLT inside the program and not as a file? Kind Regards

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I need to fetch data out from my Document and having the result sorted.
The problem is that I don't know how to apply XSLT on my Document in Java. How to construct XSLT is not a problem.

This is what I've found so far:

Document document = ...; // Load xml-file to Document.
String xsltSource = "...";
Source xslt = new StreamSource(new StringReader(xsltSource));
TransformerFactory tf = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
Transformer t = tf.newTransformer(xslt);
t.transform(new DOMSource(document), new StreamResult(new FileOutputStream("XSLTresult.xml")));

But I want to have the result in a NodeList (or something), so that I can iterate through them (and print them out).

Now I have to do this:
1. Load xml-file to Document.
2. Apply XSLT to document (result is saved to xml-file).
4. Load this xml-file to Document.
5. Print results

Isn't there a shorter way of how to do this?
Maybe something like:
1. Load xml-file to Document.
2. Apply XSLT to document (result in another Document object)
3. Print results

Kind Regards

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