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Beginners Guide -sorry if there is any bad grammer or spelling-

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Hey guys its been a long time, like 1 month, i cant recall. But, finally i learned C++ and DirectX, ya i know i used to be the stubbern person on the forum but im differnet now. Anyways i thought i mite share that. But, i would just like to suggest some tips to some of the begginers (sorry for my bad spelling im getting a C+ in english XD) Continuing, this is my little Beginners guide i came out with. Any moderators if you could correct my grammer and spelling if you can. First to all you beginners out there, you need to pick a langauge. This is the most important question and desision you will probley make AT THE START. In my opinion you should start out with a BASIC language, even thought i started with C++, i would suggest DarkBASIC. Even though i know C++ and DirectX i still use DarkBASIC because in my opinion its more legible code, and easy to call Direct X functions. Realy i think DarkBASIC is a cool way to make games because its easy and the langauge is FAST. Also, when you make games you can sell them for FREE, cool haw.... I would suggest this langage to people with no, or alot of programming skills, and if you already know C++ or BASIC PURE then you will adapt to this easly. Now that you have the language choosen, time to look at wheather you want DarkBASIC or DarkBASIC PRO IDE, well they both use the same language (duh..) but i would use DarkBASIC PRO because it has more commands to use. You can get it here. After that you need to look at the tutoral book that comes with the software, amazingly it accualy teaches you how to program DarkBASIC (just to noobies out there, you usualy dont see that often in any packages). Or if you dont get it through that book then go to amazon and they have a book called "Beginning Game Programming with DarkBASIC". Next, you say, "Well i still want to learn C++", well thats great because using C++ and Direct X you can creat you own commands in DarkBASIC, Now thats PIMP. So i suggest for a starting C++ book/referance, get "Beginning Game Programming C++" on amazon or somewhere or just get tutorials here on the forum. Anyways thats my guide for starters if you have any questions or want me to add anythang to this just P.M. me.

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