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T__T please help on scheme

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I am new to scheme, and are learning it using Dr.Scheme, please help I came across this question, but have some trouble with it: A clock structure (define-struct Clock(hours minutes seconds)). Make a function that Consume a Clock structure and output the total seconds ;;this is what i did (define-struct Clock (hours minutes seconds)) (define Clock1(make-Clock 10 10 10)) (define (ChangeIntoSec ClockX) (+ (+ (* (Clock-hours Clock1) 3600) (* (Clock-minutes Clock1) 60)) (Clock-seconds Clock1))) ;;end did I do it right? because is the user suppose to type in the hours, minutes and seconds themself in the interactive window? In my answer I made a clock myself, instead of asking the user to type in the time for the clock structure please help thanks in advance

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