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Open source 2D isometric engine with Fallout support

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Team name: FIFE developing team. Project name: FIFE - Flexible Isometric Fallout(-like) Engine. Brief description: Just like the name of our project suggests we work on a new open source framework for isometric games. The engine started as a Fallout-only project but we recognized very fast that it offers the potential to be used as a general 2d ISO framework for the development of cross platform games. The engine supports the assets of the original Fallout games but it is also suitable for creating even totally new 2D games. We are focusing on the creation of an engine itself but will bundle it with an example mod; so modders have a starting point to create their own games based on our engine. Since we do not focus on the creation of a complete game we will be working on comfortable and easy-to-use editing tools. Engine and editor are planned to run on all flavours of Linux, Win32 and MacOSX. The FIFE project is over 12 months in development now and we have released three public pre-alpha versions of the engine on sourceforge / freshmeat in January and May 2006. Another release is planned for the end of the year coming with the first version of our editor tool. We're still searching for new developers to help us working on the engine. Details about free positions on the team are available here. Target aim: Open source GPL v2.0; non-profit Technology: Linux, Windows, MacOSX C++, Boost library SDL, OpenGL (optional) Lua 5.1 Important: You can either use our free XMLmaps with the engine or access the original Fallout maps with it. If you want to use the Fallout maps you will need a legit copy of Fallout 1 or 2. The FO 1/2 maps are far more advanced compared to our own XMLmaps; basically we just set some placeholder textures on them to have something that lets you start the engine without having to own Fallout. So if you want to experience the full beauty: give the Fallout maps a go. To give you an impression about the status of the project we took sample screenshots of the current release (using the Fallout maps): Fallout 2 map featuring our first walking player character. A very early version of FIFEdit, the editor suite with working zoom feature. Example screenshot of our WIP GUI. FIFE can handle different resolutions in spite of the original Fallout engine. The OpenGL renderer supports alphablending. SVN sourcecode checkout: (trunk/core)
svn co https://svn1.cvsdude.com/fife/engine/trunk/core
Website: Homepage Development wiki Development blog Getting started guide for interested developers Doxygen code documentation Design documents Current release: FIFE 2006.1 pre-alpha Win32 Contacts: IRC channel: http://wiki.fifengine.de/index.php?title=IRC eMail: mvBarracuda@web.de icq: UIN -> 98600423

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