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collisions between a convex hull and triangle soups

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I'm doing some research (again) about how to detect collisions between a convex hull and triangle soups with arbitrarily arranged triangles. I'm using some of the ideas of Olivier Renault about Separation Axis Tests, and other collision detection ideas discussed in previous posts. What I'm trying to do is to treat every triangle in the soup as a convex hull, using SAT, and so far, I can detect accurately when a collision has happened. The problem comes when I want to find the correct separation axis between the convex hull and a triangle to be able to move the convex hull away. Typically when two convex hulls collide, the correct separation axis is the one with the shortest depth penetration. With triangles, I test all possible axes, but In case there's a collision, I always get the triangle normal as separation axis, regardless if an axis with shorter depth has been found. This is good because it solves very well the conflicts when a convex hull collides very close to the edges of two triangles in a mesh, actually, always choosing the triangle normal as separation axis is correct 95% of the time. The problem is the other 5%, where the correct separation axis is one other than the triangle normal (usually a cross product between a triangle edges and hull edges) The question is: how to know when these 5% axes are the correct ones? thanks in advance vic [Edited by - LessBread on October 8, 2006 5:33:09 PM]

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