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Source for project??

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Hi all, I am currently doing an MSc in Abertay in Scotland and one of our projects is to create a game with six others over the course of a year. We're looking to create an RTS game and are looking at engines at the moment. Some suggested engines so far have been TrueVision3D,Ogre and using Source. Ogre is out as it is rendering engine only and we need more than that. TrueVision seems to be quite good and has got good reviews but there haven't been many games developed for it so far. Obviously Source looks incredible and has excellent features but how suitable for RTS games does anyone know of any RTS titles developed with it? Looked at the Source and wow there is an incredible amount of it!! What are peoples experience of using it? Just looking for suggestions/comments on your experiences! Cheers, Ed PS. we can only use engines that are either relatively cheap or open-source. Game isn't going to be a commercial product only used as a prototype for portfolio purposes!

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