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Can't Create New Project In VC++

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I downloaded, and installed Visual C++ 2005: Express Edition. And, when I try to create a new project, it gives me the error: "Operation could not be completed". I tried all the new project combinations, but they all gave the same result. I've also tried both uninstalling it, and then installing it again, and the repair/reinstall option. Still gave the same results. The only reason I switched to VC++ is to use the DirectX SDK. So, if anyone could tell me how to fix this error. Or, better yet. How to use the SDK with Dev-C++, I would appreciate it. Thanks for any help.

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Where are you trying to create your new project?
Have you made sure you have enough privileges to write to this folder?
Does the name you are giving to your project already exist as a folder name in the directory you are creating the project in?

Those are the immediate possibilities that spring to mind when you mention that error message.

Is there an error code? If there is try pasting that or the text of the error message into VC++'s help system. Or paste them into Microsoft's online help system if that doesn't help.
Try pasting them into google with and without quote marks.

I've installed Visual 2005 Express Edition on at least 3 computers and had no problems, so I'm not sure what the problem actually could be.


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