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Analog stick values not smoothly changed

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Hi everyone, I'm writing a game in c++ that's using directInput for gamepad support. I want the right analog stick to be used as a unit circle (simply an x & y vector between -1 and 1). I am using the DIPROPRANGE struct with SetProperty to set the minimum and maximum values of the axis (lMin and lMax properties) as explained in the msdn example here: Anyway, I now get a value between +/-60,000 on the x and y axis - and then divide it by 60,000 to get the unit circle values (so it basically gives me a nice float value between -1 and 1). Now, the problem is that the values change very drastically and tend to snap to the 1/-1 values instead of giving me nice values in between. What happens as a result is that when I move my analog stick in a circular motion it basically jumps between 8 directions (top, top right, right etc.) instead of moving gradually between them. I know this is probably something that would be very hard to trace (could also be just cheap hardware), so I guess i'm just asking if someone's exprienced something like this before? Material on this subject on the net is very scarce... Thanks! Ehud.

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