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Character questions

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(I copied this post from official power render forum, maybe here more people that can help) Some questions about characters. 1. Problems with animation sharing. I have many characters with same animations. So I created one big character with all animations and shared it to all others. It works good, but when I call PR.Shutdown() or PR.Characters.Clear() - program crashes. I think, problem is in deleting shared character BEFORE deleting all others characters that use it. Same problem I had in PR5 (and VS2003) but there I replaced engine function and make it to delete all characters except shared one. Now, in PR6 (and VS2005), crash happens even if I delete any character (shared or using share). How can I avoid crash? 2. Another big problem is with characters loading. It takes too much time in PR6. For example, my biggest character (with shared animations and particles) is near 80Mb. Here are times of loading in different versions: PR5: 5311ms PR6: 82952ms(!!!) I can't believe, that new PR is so slow. Maybe some of my settings are wrong? How can I make loading faster? 3. And last question. I have many animations. Some of them are very "popular" (like walking, running, hitting) and using very often. But most of them aren't. It would be good to load only that animations character needs, instead of loading ALL animations. And load rest of animations later (if needed). Can I do it and how? Maybe functions like ParseCharacterMotions() or LoadMotionData() can help me. If I load motions from file, then can I share them between all characters (not to load same animations for every character)? Thanks!

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