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[Java]Basic Isometric Issue

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Hello, This is my first post on this forum, although i have visted this site on and off for a couple of years. I am an amateur programmer currently trying to create an isometric tile editor. I have been using this article for techniques - http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article747.asp I am having trouble with the section "mouse matters", when the tile image is colored at corners, in order to + or - the selected row/col. I understand how this works. Currently my program creates the colored diamonds at the click of a button. The tile size is 198*100. Clicking on the tile then displays the row/col, as well as the internal coordinates of that tile (mouseX,mouseY). I have been stuck for a week on how to get the RGB color of the pixel on the tile. I am using JLabels instead of bufferedimages. PixelGrabber does not work, and after extensive googling, i read it is apparently very bad to use it anyway since java 1.1. As i am incapable of getting it to work, is anyone aware of another method to use, explained simply? I do not know what code i need to post. i assume any code has to go into the area where the ActionEvent (mouseclick) occurs. regards A.A.

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Use buffered image instead of JLabel and use the getRGB method. JLabel is probably a poor choice for storing a mousemap. Even if you need to display the mousemap to the user, you don't need a JLabel.

You'll get an integer representing a pixel in the TYPE_INT_ARGB color model (see docs linked below).

So if you need to get the RGB out... can do something along the lines..

int red = 0xffff0000; //(the format is AARRGGBB)
int blue = 0xff0000ff;
int green = 0xff00ff00;
int white = 0xffffffff;

int pixel = mouseMap.getRGB(mouseX, mouseY);

if(pixel == red) ; //etc...



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Hi, and thanks for reply.

I got the method to work, to an extent.
My program can create a "templateMap" consisting of the colored diamonds and using RGB to get row/col offsets.. My program can also create a "normalMap" consisting of normal diamond tiles.

Alone, they both work, but not together (when they form 2 seperate layers).

I intend to have the "templateMap" at the bottom, with a mouseListener picking up RGB values. On top of that will be the "normalMap" which the user clicks and the row/col will be displayed, depending on the RGB values from "templateMap".

I just need to link htese 2 together and hope it works.

thankyou for help,


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