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Need help on color blending

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Hi guys! I am trying to get some basic blending to work here. I have read the faq but I still couldnt get a simple blend operation to work so far. First, I output a FP16F rendersurface with color half4(0.5,1,0,0) from the pixelshader. No blendstates are set yet. For the next render pass, I output to the same rendersurface a color of half4(0.2,0,0,0). I am trying to add the result to see if I get half4(0.7,1,0,0). my renderstates for this second pass:
CullMode = CCW;
SrcBlend = One;
DestBlend = One;
BlendOp = Add;
AlphaBlendEnable = true;
ColorOp[0] = Add;
ColorArg0[0] = Current;
ColorArg1[0] = Texture;
AlphaOp[0] = Add;
AlphaArg0[0] = Current;
AlphaArg1[0] = Texture;
ZEnable = false;
ZWriteEnable = false;
ColorWriteEnable = RED|GREEN|BLUE|ALPHA;

I am not understanding something? In any case, I am not sure what to set for ColorArg0,ColorArg1,AlphaArg0,AlphaArg1. Do I need to set the BlendOp? Does setting AlphaBlendEnable also enables color blending? pardon me, my blending really sux. So I hope I can get some insight. I have search google for a while but I cant seem to find anything useful other than msdn. Edit: I tried doing it on an A8R8G8B8 and it works but not on an FP16F rendersurface. I am using X800. thx! Edwin [Edited by - edwinnie on October 15, 2006 6:25:40 AM]

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I tried doing it on an A8R8G8B8 and it works but not on an FP16F rendersurface. I am using X800.
I reckon this is your problem - not your code.

Using the blending hardware on FP inputs/outputs is not universally supported and I'm very sure the X800 series doesn't allow it. It wasn't until ATI's later X1000 (R5xx series) GPU's that it was possible.

I had to implement this manually using a pixel shader on a Radeon 9800 last year - it knocked about 10% of the performance which wasn't ideal but hardly fatal.

Use IDirect3D9::CheckDeviceFormat() with D3DUSAGE_QUERY_POSTPIXELSHADER_BLENDING to see if your hardware supports it or not. Having it dynamically switch between fixed-function and programmable blending isn't too hard to implement, so you can get the benefit where possible and still have it run okay on older hardware.


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