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CopyRects DX8 Works but doesn't!!

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To cut a long story short, I've been writing a game on and (for long periods) off for about three years and have been testing it during it's development on a varity of machines. (It's an online trading card application/game thing). Early in the project I decided that I needed to make sure all the cards had a nice standard border ('cos the user can add their own cards to be used with the application), so I used Copy Rects to create a texture that combines a standard black border image with the image supplied by the user. This was achieved by using CopyRects to combine the two and store the resultant image in a texture to be used at a later stage (ie rendering). This was put into the code many moons ago and has been working ever since. So what happens? I go to my friend's house today to demo the state of play so far, and all the card images are black! When getting home, it appears that CopyRects is the culprit. (I used the same images on both machines BTW). My machine is XP (with NO service pack - My machine is nice and hidden behind a firewall, so I don't need MS dicking around with my machine thank you very much) with an nvidia 5200 128 Meg Card, DX9.0c and the latest nvidia drivers (downloaded 'em a month (?) ago. My friend's machine also runs XP, I believe with SP2, an nvidia 6600 I think, with 256Meg on board. I'm not sure about his drivers though. As I stated, the whole sherbang is written in DX8. And yes, both surfaces are created as D3DPOOL_MANAGED so device loss shouldn't be a problem(?) Has anyone get any ideas (besides the obvious "Driver" response) why it would work on one machine but not another? To say I'm frustrated and bemused by this problem might be a slight understatement (as well as providing with that all important "wanting the ground to swallow me up" moment during the demo)!!!

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