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understanding modelview for a camera

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Hello, im really trying to grasp on how a camera really works in opengl with respect to the viewing transform. In order to udnerstand this, i dont want to use gllookat, and for my perspective matrix im using glFrustum. Im essentially doing all rotations and trnaslations with matrix mutliplication, i don't want to shortchange myself with opengl utility functions. Lets say i have an object , i draw it by saying drawObject(); this box roates and translates, and i want to make a camera that translates with the box but doesnt rotate with it. My first question is, do i have camera matrix, object oreientation matrix, and a viewing matrix to load into the modelview? so lets one matrix is a translation matrix with the 1st row and fourth column have an arbitrary unit ( this is a translation along the x axis.) so from what i think, this is how i would implement this,psuedocode camera matrix = cameraM object oreientation matrix = objectM translation matrix = tranM viewing matrix = viewing M

Keybaord handler{
         case 'x':
                    tranM[0][3] = .01; //translating matrix set
                    objectM = objectM * tranM;      //translating object
                    tranM[0][3] = - .01;
                    cameraM = tranM * cameraM;         //translating camera
function drawandmovestuff()
    viewing = objectM * cameraM;     //im not getting the inverse of this
                                     //since i applied the inverse translation                                  
is this the correct way to translate hte camera with the object?

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