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bust out an FPS

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I feel like the "bust out an RTS" thread was pretty succesful, so here's round two: Pitch me an FPS. We already know the two main elements (first person, and shooter), so you're job is to pitch the twist on it which makes it an interesting FPS. I will deviate from the vanilla FPS norm to show you what I mean by twist. My FPS will be set in the 30s-40s. You will play the part of a detective, Humphrey Bogart style. (or, alternatively, Tracer Bullet style 1 2 3) This includes a dark smokey room and an opening of "the dame walked into my office..." The game will have a gritty atmosphere, quit a lot of nighttime and rain, etc. This will be no Max Payne. You will be a detective and the game will play out more like an adventure game akin to the old-school LucasArts games. You will pack heat, however, and will need to take down more than a few perps. Still, the primary focus will be solving a crime, and you will have a large inventory of things to collect, puzzles to solve, and general adventuring to do. It will undoubtedly culminate in a shootout, and rather than having the game switch between adventure and shooter I will keep it all up in the air. You might be searching through an office desk looking for clues when you hear the door slam down the hall. As you don't have a warrant, you immediately duck down and unholster your pistol...

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It is interplanetary war and you have been sent to the front lines. However, you are not one of the troops, you are part of a combat medical evacuation team. You job entails going into "Hot" areas and rescueing as many people as you can. As team leader, you can select your crew and equip them.

The standard "level" would consist of the player "dropping" in from orbit and piloting thier Evac ship to the needed co-ordinates then moving the casualties into the ship, while under fire from enemy soldiers. Speed is of the essence and the loger the player takes, the more casualties will die.

As the ship is large, you will have to lead your team into buildings and other bolt holes (where your allied soldiers were taking cover). There will be a few enemy troops to take out, so the Evac team is armed and ther will be some combat. Most out dorr terrain can be randomly/algorithmically generated to provide differences in the missions and repeat gameplay.

The player will be able to assign duties to the other members of the team, including havnging medical personell attempt to treat the victims in the field, while the other team members guard them (but that would have to be a tactical decission by the player).

Missions might not only occure planetside, but could also occure in space, with the player having to dock their evac ship to another and then move in for the rescue.

As an evac squad, the player will usually find themselves in a situation where they can not defeat all the enemy, but their job would be to hold them off for long enough to complete their mission. This will mean that enemies will need the AI to effectively use cover and have sufficent tactical knowledge to try to out manouvre the player. Also weapons will need to be highly leathal and injuries should effect the player as well as the computer controled characters (eg: slow moving, bad aiming, etc). This aspect of the game will require different effect based on where the character was hit and by what type of weapon.

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This is actually a game that I'd like to work on. Haven't done much "game design" as I'm a programmer, so most of this is off the cuff.

What I know about Necromunda, I've just learned from a couple novels. I haven't played the tabletop game. I plan on reading all the PDFs on GW's site to absorb all the flavor-text and get a better feel for the world.


From Wikipedia:

In Necromunda, players control rival gangs battling each other in the Underhive, a place of anarchy and violence in the depths below Hive City.
You can play in large buildings which may have many floors, as well as have bridges and walkways connecting the buildings together. There are other terrains such as chemical wastelands, barrels, watch towers, abandoned factories, and other dystopian environments that add a large amount of variety in playing areas. The setting is in a hive city which is generally layers upon layers of buildings that makes out a city, and a hive may be miles high.

From Game Workshop:

A hive is an ancient and incomprehensibly vast city, built up layer upon layer, stretching ten miles into the planet's atmosphere. To those who live in the depths, the dark and ruinous Underhive offers every opportunity for wealth and power. Its collapsed caverns conceal the riches of the distant past: rare and precious metals, unfathomable archeotech devices, wondrous mutated fungi and much more. It is also a place of danger, where mutant creatures, renegades and killers hide from the laws of House and hive. And, of course, there are others who want the riches of the Underhive for themselves.

So, I figure it's an ultra-urbanized version of a conquest-style FPS like WolfET and Battlefield. And sorta Company of Heroes inspired as each location you conquer provides something of value - weapons, ammunition, fuel, energy, surveillance, fortification, money, etc. It takes place in the Underhive, a sort of layer in a massive miles high structure called Hive City. Within the single layer of the Underhive, there exist large domed areas, slum suburbs, wastelands, dustbowls, acid lakes, and tons of other fun. It's possible to exit from the walls of Hive City, but outside in the ash wastes the environment is toxic and very inhospitable.

There are "civilians" in the underhive, and if you locale any whilst expanding your territory, you can try pressganging 'em into being NPC teammates. Naturally you'll have to supply them with weapons and ammo if they're going to be beneficial.

I'd like to see if this would work as a persistant Planetside-esque game. No loading, and the entire Underhive could be streamed in as the player travels through it. Gangs could establish themselves, recruit members and establish bases of operation.

As a non-mmofps, it would still work - but the scale would be smaller, as the whole of the Underhive is too massive for a small set of players in a FPS game. Perhaps the maps change based on the outcome of battles, allowing a team to potentially control all of the Underhive...

I'd like to explore a resource management aspect - perhaps if you have captured a building with terminal, you can establish discreet ties with wealthy persons/organizations in the levels far above you. They give you money so you can buy more weapons, and fortify locations you control. But you have to do something for them - just what I'm not sure of yet...

Each of the Underhive houses will have it's own aspects that impact gameplay.

Cawdor - Religious zealots, love incindiary weapons.
Escher - All female, fast and cunning.
Goliath - All male, huge, durable and strong.
Van Saar - Tech-heads, have best resources.
Orlock - Miners, have ready access to pressganged NPC teammates
Delaque - Sneakers and lovers of subterfuge.

I suppose that's a bit vague; I need to do more research. :) Each house has many gangs - and some gangs belonging to the same house are bitter enemies. There are also bounty-hunters and others not directly involved with the houses in the Underhive. Not sure how they might be included as far as gameplay goes (if at all). Perhaps as a sort of "hazard", like in golf - something to avoid. If you're dukin it out with another group, and a grenade blows up near a bunch of bountyhunters enjoying some beer, perhaps they breakout the woopass on everyone nearby.

Gameplay-wise, as this is a dark and bloody world in which the game takes place - I'd like to see a Soldier of Fortune 2-style system of gore. (The recent Realmatter anouncement brought this to mind.) Another aspect is I'd like to see is a simple MGS3-esque wounding and healing system, and when your medic dude heals you up, your character might be running around sporting bandages and such.

Because there's a notable vertical aspect to the Underhive environment, I'd like to see some sort of first-person climbing element - not just grapple hooks and such, but actual grabbing ledges and hoisting yourself up. Sounds odd at first but the more I think about it, the more I think it could be really cool.

Then there's the environment destruction. In the MMOFPS version, it might be problematic, though Auto Assault has a nice precedent for it. The standard version would definitely benefit from this. Blowin' shit up is important, as much of the Underhive consists in barely standing buildings as it is... :)

That's it so far... :)

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I believe that a FPS is a pretty narrow style and thoose games that have been posted aren't first person shooters(they seem to lack the shooter part), so here's a few first person shooters with variying degree of first person shooters.

The Incredible Max
Since it is a pure action game the story or the setting isn't that important as long as you get to kill alot and you can shoot alot more. The game plays out as pretty much any other fps but the key difference(this is the twist) is that at any time you may(should) pause the game and give the hero(max) orders. If max has orders he obeys and do them, if he hasn't any you cotrol him with standard controls. When max carry out orders he is prepared at what he will do and does it better, faster etc. You get shot in the stomach and miss the enemy but max dodges the bullet, does some cool acrobatic movements and shoots the enemy between the eyes.

You are a an arch-angel, armageddon has begun and its time to take down hell - let's make earth a happy place. This mean throughout the game you will slaughter, among other things, accolytes, zombies, demons, imps and arch-demons. Various bosses will also appear such as lilith and the devil himself.
Your weapon of destruction is normal weapons(like pistols, shotguns and rocket-launchers) and angel-powers(angel push, angel-destruction, angel lightning etc. Pretty much force powers from the jedi-knight series except here they are angel powers :) )
The twist(not really original but I haven't seen it this deep, and never in a fps) is that if you kill your enemies with normal weapons you get some soul(the body is gone so you can take their soul). If you kill the enemies with your angel-powers(the powers uses soul) you destroy their sould and can take their body and change your physical properties(more health, faster, climb on walls, get though small spaces etc).

What kind of game do I develop you may ask... he, he.. glad you asked (shameless plug)

Infection: Survivors (My game)
Story: You fight evil company that wants to make a fortune on biological weapons inspired by different "classical" folk-lore monsters such as wampires, zombies and were-wolves.
* switch camera perspective between first person and third person (as in unreal tournament: championship 2)
* choose if you want to go hand2hand or shoot them to pieces (like oni but more power to the ranged combat). If you hit, ranged combat should finish quickly, close combat should last longer.
* close combat kills, somewhat like the 50cent games and f.e.a.r.
* 3 kinds of movements, running, sprinting(fast run, can't shoot) & combat movement(crouch&run at the same time to keep a low position and still move fast), aiming also affects movement speed at the benefit of extra accuracy.
* 2 click weapon selection system(out of 6 possible weapons using a standard 3 button mouse(2 buttons and a wheel)) ispired by the modification selection featured in unreal tournament: championship 2.
* defensive weapons such as a knife may be used to for a short time stop npc's from attacking you. Sort of how the knives work in resident evil 1: directors cut.
* sniping won't go fullscreen, but instead a circular zoomed-in view will appear on top of the standard way. Somewhat like the sniping scene from traffic
* reloading a weapon makes you loose all bullets in a magasine(if the weapon is magasine based)
* taking away all the numbers from the hud only to show images(displaying 6 images of magasines instead of displaying a 6).
* due to screen size, gui design issues and various other design principles this results in a more mobile soldier that needs to quickly adapt to his/her enviroment
* ability to switch your flash-light to another vision-improving system among others such as a night-vision, combat(highlight enemies, dangers, civilians, good to shoot at(exploding barrels) locate safe routes to enemies etc), thermal or motion-detector googles.
* take hostages and command enemies
* take cover behind objects
* various other personal touches that'll hopefully make it stand out
Maybe not 100% unique but not an average doom/half-life clone

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I'd like to comment on these so far.

Medvac: This sounds pretty cool, although I think the concept needs to be expanded beyond just a medical evac team. It might be frustrating if you're weaker than everyone; most fps' strive to have you be the most powerful guy in the world. I imagine the gameplay to be something like Starsiege Tribes.

Necromunda: This sounds badass, but I haven't actually played the tabletop game to really understand where you're coming from. The gangs aspect sounds cool, and the destructable environment would be awesome.

The Incredible Max: I don't like the idea of pausing to give orders which will execute more efficiently than the player could do himself. If I get to the final boss battle, I don't want to pause and give orders and then sit back and see if my guy wins or not. I always want to be the guy pulling the trigger. Maybe you could pause and give orders to a sidekick, like a dog or something?

Angel: Badass. A lot on the artists' shoulders. I would play it.

Infection: Survivors: Sounds cool. What are the boss monsters going to be? I like the various facets you named, particularly the sniper zoom and the reload. Taking hostages sounds interesting, I wonder how that would work.

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Name: Frenzy / Blood Frenzy / something equally grim
Overview: cinematics-based "filme noir" vampire story
Setting: Inner-city, heavy-crime coastal metropolis (New York, Los Angeles, etc). Progressive map like GTA, with different areas serving different plot purposes. Certain areas unlocked as story unfolds.
Voluntary Rating: R for bloody violence, language, potentially some content erotic in nature (as tends to happen with vampire movies)

You awaken, alone and on the floor in your apartment, head throbbing, not knowing what occurred the night before. Blurry visions of being attacked while walking home late at night, a fight, being dragged up some stairs, fill your mind.

Moving around the apartment, certain things seem different. You can hear your own heartbeat. The mirror in the bathroom is empty when you step in front of it. Your cat hisses and flees out the window when you approach it.

Soon enough, the Hunger starts. Your heartbeat gets louder, and somehow, the lone people travelling outside your apartment window look intensely attractive. Not physically... more like prey to a predator.


Initially you note you are stronger and more aware of your surroundings. As the game progresses, you build up powers based on consumption of human blood, defeating and consuming the blood of stronger vampires, and so on:

- Claw attack
- Power jumping
- Wall climbing
- Feeding
- Improved vision
- Mesmerize foe (against human attackers)
- Invisibility
- Call vermin
- Dissipate to mist (pass through doors/windows easily)


Additionally to the powers inherited above, you gain some weaknesses, too:

- Necessity of feeding upon fresh blood
- Lethal aversion to sunlight (e.g. needs to stay underground -- cellars, basements, etc -- or travel using subways)
- Aversion to blessed/holy/religious symbols
- Problems with interacting with former colleagues, friends, etc.


Throughout the game, you might come across different enemies, based on the area of the city you're in:

- Street thugs
- Police (if they are alerted to your presence when feeding upon the unwitting)
- Angry pimps (if you happen to go after their girls for blood)
- Vampires from warring clans
- Creatures summoned by more powerful vampires (e.g. rats, wolves, zombies, etc)

Plot Points:

- You were attacked by a group of vampires, apparently radical to the typical "hide from the humans" mythos. Why?

- Why did you survive? Is there another such creature on your side, or perhaps trying to prevent their actions, that protected you?

- You have links to such typical filme noir characters as a (retired?) police detective, a priest, a historian/professor, a pawn shop dealer, bartender, pimp/drug dealer, the ex-girlfriend tv reporter, etc, with whom you find out information, and determine answers to clues.

- There is some blood war among different vampire clans, and you happen to be caught up in the middle. In order to come to a feasable outcome, perhaps different story outcomes could occur: 1) destroy the heads of the clans and unite the vampires, 2) find a way to trigger the exodus of all vampires (not necessarily their death, but perhaps their emigration from the city/country/continent?), 3) return to your human self by obtaining artifacts/taking steps which will reverse the blood-disease you acquired when you were bitten, so you may ignore the feud entirely.

[Edited by - MatrixCubed on October 16, 2006 3:58:52 PM]

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Original post by Funkymunky
I don't want to pause and give orders and then sit back and see if my guy wins or not.

Try to think of it as a rts with a single unit instead, no building and simplier resource management where you may take control over the unit at some time when it is boring to click go all the time. It could also be thought of as taking the max payne/just cause stunt effects to another level. Instead of doing some "tricky" key-combo it is more like slowdown, select the cool move and execute. Instead of beeing 100% focused on the game it's more like relaxed playing with a cup of cofee.
That said doing some cool move yourself is more fun than telling someone else to do a cool move.

Original post by Funkymunky
What are the boss monsters going to be?

Non-existing. There will be several kinds of monsters and some will be harder to evade and some will be easier. Some will be impossible to kill and will have to be avoided. Some powerful enemies might only make a few apearances but in general there will be no boss-monsters.
There will probably be some "bosses" but not like the standard fps bosses. I really liked the way Outlaws handled bosses. Give them some extra bility (like throwing dynamite), little more health than a regular goon(50% perhaps) and give them alot of henchmen to throw at you. I plan to add squad tactics and such into the game so the boss might yell orders to show that he is the boss.

Original post by Funkymunky
Taking hostages sounds interesting, I wonder how that would work.

So do I. You could take hostage in XIII (and in the splinter cell series) but the enemies in XIII pretty much just stands there taking your fire, and I believe they do roughly the same in splinter cell.
I'm hoping I can grab a hostage and tell the enmies to drop their weapons, cuff eachother and face the wall/floor.
This way I could (possible) enter a level with one bullet and exit with a full loadout and every guard disabled, no violence whatsoever.
Such a powerful system needs some restraints however so guards may do what you say and may not or they will try to take you down.
Such a system might be good, or might not be a fun game, playtesting will answer this.

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Hmm, got me thinking. I like spartanx's idea, I once had a similar idea, with various regions providing various items and abilities, but where these regions can be captured and lost, and the fights would change the looks and usefullness of these regions. I'm not sure how I would handle the other regions when you're fighting in one though, so it's just a vague idea, the kind of 'sounds cool... and now?'. :)

Anyway, time to 'burst out a FPS':


You play an alien parasitic organism, who crashed with the typical cylindrical UFO on a planet called earth. Or so the pathetic inhabitants call it. It's not a nice place to be: thick athmosphere, bad food, and so on. Oh, and let's not forget said inhabitants: their emotionally unstable mix of curiosity and fear, combined with their technologically unadvanced yet dangerous weapons makes them a formidable and unpredictable force.

But, you're a parasite. So, why not infest a human and take control? Just as long as you're not getting hit when you're outside a host body, nothing can happen, right? This allows for some freaking gunfights, just as long as you make sure there's another, less damaged, host body around to fall back to might the current one collapse. This means that blowing up enemies might be effective, but leaves you with less 'backup bodies'.

Add the potential of mutating the host body into some heavy, freakish monstrosity should you be able to keep it relatively undamaged and you're ready to get back to your planet and collect some interesting bio-organic research material along the way. At least, if there's still a UFO around in Area-51... ;)

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Here's a new one I thought of:

Ultra realistic FPS. Many games have locational damage, but I can't think of any that implement that on the player. If you get shot in the head you are dead, end of story. If you get shot in the leg you are severely crippled. Shot pretty much anywhere and you'll probably die of bloodloss in a matter of minutes.

The goal then, is to never be shot (like in real life). For this the player is given a unique control system: hold down a key and you will plant your legs on the ground. Mouse movement will then twist/move the upper body, unless you simultaneously press another key which will return you to the standard aiming mode. This will allow the player to glance around corners, duck their head up from behind a desk, etc.

The setting is as such: your government has just encited martial law in the metropolis where you live. You refuse to cooperate, and have decided instead to go after the fascist leader. He is at the heart of the city. You start in your cubicle on the 40th floor of some giant office building, with a pistol. While the buildings will probably end up being bland cookie-cutter office buildings, the city itself will nonetheless be enormous.

The major twist is that, because the game will be ridiculously difficult, we will offer a cash prize to anyone who succesfully assassinates the leader. $1000? (I haven't fleshed that part of the design out yet). Perhaps only the first 5 people to do it will get the prize. There will be many measurements taken to make sure nobody cheats.

I'm not sure how feasable this is, but I think it would be awesome (and would probably sell really well at first, if backed by a major company)

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The Hunt

Play as a predator: cats,snakes for lover levels to tigers, wolves,etc for higher levels. you have to chase down your prey and bite/scratch them. mostly the computer plays the prey and you can team up with other players for pack hunts. predators only have 1 life

you have to time your spring and bite or else the prey escapes. life lowers continuously unless you feed.

Use surprise and raw killing power to overcome your prey!

cats: night vision, high speed, low stamina, good hearing, claws, bite
dog : good smell (you can see trails where prey was previously been), good speed, higher stamina, claws, bite, pack play available

snake : camouflage, heat sensor, anything warm blooded can not hide, smell
eagle : extremely good eyesight, burst speed
shark : jaws, smell, burst speed
crocs : jaws , camouflage,

Play are prey:
mice, swallows, gazelle,tuna fish, etc.
Prey gains points the longer they survive, multiple lives

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