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help with atmospheric rendeirng

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ive been looking a the atmosphere chapter in GPU gems 2... ive done a few trys to implement it but can get it to work... so i tried just copying the code directly from the supplied disc.. but still it doesnt work... all i get is a black dome where i get some whithecolored vertexes as i move with the camera... what am i doin wrong?

 SunAngle = 45.0f;
		void CompToPolar(int angle)
			x = -(float)cos(angle*PIOVER180);
			y = -(float)sin(angle*PIOVER180);
			z = (float)0;

	float m_nSamples = 3;		// Number of sample rays to use in integral equation
	float m_Kr = 0.0025f;		// Rayleigh scattering constant
	float m_Kr4PI = m_Kr*4.0f*PI;
	float m_Km = 0.0010f;		// Mie scattering constant
	float m_Km4PI = m_Km*4.0f*PI;
	float m_ESun = 20.0f;		// Sun brightness constant
	float m_g = -0.990f;		// The Mie phase asymmetry factor
	float m_fExposure = 2.0f;

	float m_fInnerRadius = 1000.0f;
	float m_fOuterRadius = 1250.0f;
	float m_fScale = 1 / (m_fOuterRadius - m_fInnerRadius);

	float m_fWavelength[3];
	 m_fWavelength[0] = 0.650f;		// 650 nm for red
	 m_fWavelength[1] = 0.570f;		// 570 nm for green
	 m_fWavelength[2] = 0.475f;		// 475 nm for blue
	float m_fWavelength4[3];
	 m_fWavelength4[0] = powf(m_fWavelength[0], 4.0f);
	 m_fWavelength4[1] = powf(m_fWavelength[1], 4.0f);
	 m_fWavelength4[2] = powf(m_fWavelength[2], 4.0f);

void CTERRAIN::RenderSkyDome()

	float m_fRayleighScaleDepth = 0.25f;
	float m_fMieScaleDepth = 0.1f;

	CVECTOR vCamera = m_Cam->Position;
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("v3CameraPos", vCamera.x, vCamera.y, vCamera.z);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("v3LightPos", SunDir.x, SunDir.y, SunDir.z);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("v3InvWavelength", 1/m_fWavelength4[0], 1/m_fWavelength4[1], 1/m_fWavelength4[2]);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("fCameraHeight", vCamera.GetMagnitude());
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("fCameraHeight2", SQR(vCamera.GetMagnitude()));
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("fInnerRadius", m_fInnerRadius);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("fInnerRadius2", m_fInnerRadius*m_fInnerRadius);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("fOuterRadius", m_fOuterRadius);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("fOuterRadius2", m_fOuterRadius*m_fOuterRadius);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("fKrESun", m_Kr*m_ESun);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("fKmESun", m_Km*m_ESun);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("fKr4PI", m_Kr4PI);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("fKm4PI", m_Km4PI);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("fScale", 1.0f / (m_fOuterRadius - m_fInnerRadius));
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("fScaleDepth", m_fRayleighScaleDepth);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("fScaleOverScaleDepth", (1.0f / (m_fOuterRadius - m_fInnerRadius)) / m_fRayleighScaleDepth);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("g", m_g);
	SkyShaderProgram->sendUniform("g2", m_g*m_g);



DomeRadius  = fOuterRadius;

void CTERRAIN::InitSkyDome()

	SkyDomeList = glGenLists(1);
	glNewList(SkyDomeList, GL_COMPILE);

	int dphi = 10;
	int dtheta = 10;		

		for (int phi = 0; phi <= 90-dphi; phi += (int)dphi)
			for (int theta = 0; theta <= 360-dtheta; theta += (int)dtheta)
				glVertex3f( DomeRadius * sinf(phi*PIOVER180) * cosf(PIOVER180*theta)+m_iSize/2, 							
							DomeRadius * cosf(phi*PIOVER180)/3.0f,
							DomeRadius * sinf(phi*PIOVER180) * sinf(PIOVER180*theta)+m_iSize/2);

				glVertex3f( DomeRadius * sinf((phi+dphi)*PIOVER180) * cosf(theta*PIOVER180)+m_iSize/2, 
							DomeRadius * cosf((phi+dphi)*PIOVER180)/3.0f,
							DomeRadius * sinf((phi+dphi)*PIOVER180) * sinf(theta*PIOVER180)+m_iSize/2);
				glVertex3f( DomeRadius * sinf(PIOVER180*phi) * cosf(PIOVER180*(theta+dtheta))+m_iSize/2, 							
							DomeRadius * cosf(PIOVER180*phi)/3.0f-1,
							DomeRadius * sinf(PIOVER180*phi) * sinf(PIOVER180*(theta+dtheta))+m_iSize/2);

				if (phi > -90 && phi < 90) 

					glVertex3f( DomeRadius * sinf((phi+dphi)*PIOVER180) * cosf(PIOVER180*(theta+dtheta))+m_iSize/2, 
								DomeRadius * cosf((phi+dphi)*PIOVER180)/3.0f,
								DomeRadius * sinf((phi+dphi)*PIOVER180) * sinf(PIOVER180*(theta+dtheta)) +m_iSize/2);




// SHADERS... COPIED RIGHT FROM THE CD.. "SkyFromAtmosphere"

i dont know if its allowed to post the code from the book here on the forums... if anybody knows if its okey hten ill post that also...

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