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about BVH (mocap)

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ello all, i want to make some experiments in bvh files with some filters(angle data filters). How can i easyly add noise to BVH files so i can watch and understand the effect of the noise to my bvh? ofc i dont have hardware to capture data, i just downloaded from the net some bvh files.i use motionbuilder to watch them. Thnx in advance!! ps:unfortunately google didnt help me find anytthing usefull :(

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Uhg. Modifying animation curves in MotionBuilder is not the most fun thing to do. You can write a python script to query the take nodes from a "Model" node (aka - bone), from the take nodes you should be able to find a list of FCurve nodes, and if you query their name - you should be able to figure out which ones are rotation/scale etc. It is however a mild pain to be honest, and you'd be better off writing some tool to parse the bvh's, modify them, and save again....

motionbuilder script to get anim curves for hip bone :

tindex = sindex = rindex = 0;

lHips = FBFindModelByName( "Hips" )

for lAnimNode in lHips.AnimationNode.Nodes:
if( lAnimNode.UserName == "Lcl Translation" ) :
tindex = i;
if( lAnimNode.UserName == "Lcl Rotation" ) :
rindex = i;
if( lAnimNode.UserName == "Lcl Scale" ) :
sindex = i;

sx = lHips.AnimationNode.Nodes[sindex].Nodes[0]
sy = lHips.AnimationNode.Nodes[sindex].Nodes[1]
sz = lHips.AnimationNode.Nodes[sindex].Nodes[2]
rx = lHips.AnimationNode.Nodes[rindex].Nodes[0]
ry = lHips.AnimationNode.Nodes[rindex].Nodes[1]
rz = lHips.AnimationNode.Nodes[rindex].Nodes[2]
tx = lHips.AnimationNode.Nodes[tindex].Nodes[0]
ty = lHips.AnimationNode.Nodes[tindex].Nodes[1]
tz = lHips.AnimationNode.Nodes[tindex].Nodes[2]

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actually i made a parser in c.input is a bvh and output is a bvh.i pass the angles values in matrices.how can i add noise to these values?can u suggest something?

thnx in advance :)

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